Altius is an independent, fee-only, financial advisory firm founded in 2001. Based in Bethesda, Maryland, we provide financial advice, develop personalized financial plans and manage investments for clients in several states and the District of Columbia.

Our clients are varied in their backgrounds, professions and ages. They range from working professionals to retirees, journalists to attorneys and single women to couples. They come from many parts of the world – from New York City to Los Angeles, Kolkata to Berlin. Despite their differences, they have several traits in common – which perhaps you share:

  • Seek advice from an independent, fee-only advisor
  • Are delegators, who trust us to manage their investments and serve their best interest
  • Prefer to focus their time on other aspects of their lives while leaving the daily investment work to us

We can help you in many ways: answer your questions on financial matters, explain complex financial concepts to you, help you set realistic financial goals, develop a financial plan for you and manage your investments.